Forklift Operator Safety

Safe Operation Training for Forklift Operators


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This Online Forklift Safety Course will guide you through all aspects of Forklift Safety, from Pre-Operation Inspection to Stability. Our comprehensive course will explain in detail what you need to know, emphasize key points and test your knowledge retention after each module.

This course has been designed to meet Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines set forth in the CSA B335-15 (R2020) Standard. By completing this course you can improve your knowledge of forklift safety in the workplace. By doing both theory and practical on-site training the employer is performing their due diligence in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Your training includes a digital certificate of completion which can be printed as well as a plastic wallet certificate. Your plastic wallet card typically ships within one day using Canada Post regular mail. Practical training information such as hands-on equipment training (often on a specific type of forklift found in your workplace) that is provided by your employer or a qualified individual can be included on the back of your certificate.

Forklift certificates are valid for three (3) years.


  • How to Safely Operate Forklifts
  • How to perform Daily Maintenance and Inspections of Forklifts
  • Pointing out Potential Hazards involving Forklift Operation
  • How to Handle Loads and keep the Forklift Stable

Key Points on Forklift Safety:

  • A forklift is also known as a Powered Industrial Truck
  • Forklifts are used by many industries to transport and lift heavy loads
  • Anyone operating a forklift is required to be trained on safe use, safety work practices, and operation of equipment

Depending on the work being performed, hands-on equipment training, or site-specific training such as overhead hazards may be required. This course includes a practical evaluation form that employers can reference as a guideline for hands-on training specific to the equipment that a worker will be using. This hands-on training may be delivered at the discretion of the employer by a qualified individual. Our advisory services team is also able to deliver hands-on training at your workplace. Please contact us for more information or to arrange supplementary training.

Inquire About Hands-On Supplementary / On-Site Training

Average Duration: 4 Hours
Printable Certificate Issued on Completion. Valid for 3 Years.
Plastic Proof Of Training Card Available
Unlimited Exam Attempts
Standard: CSA B335-15 (R2020)
Available in English or French
Self-Paced. Available 24/7
Live Student Support
Permanent Record of Training
User Management Tools Available

Course Outline

1. What is Forklift Safety?

Learn about the basics of forklift and lift truck safe operation as well as standard codes of practices.

2. Basic Do's and Don'ts

Chapter 2 covers what operators should and should not do while operating a forklift / lift truck. This includes what should and should not be done while operating as well as pre-operation inspections and reporting issues to supervisors.

3. Entering & Leaving Forklifts

Students will learn about proper procedure for entering and exiting forklifts. This includes points of contact and how to avoid injury.

4. Forklift Stability Triangle

Learn about the stability triangle. Positioning loads based on counterweights, fulcrum points, and centre of gravity.

5. Capacity & Date Plates

Chapter 5 teaches students how to identify and use the capacity data plate.

6. Worker Training

Students will learn about the importance of worker training including required hands-on training, types of lift trucks, operation, maintenance, refueling & recharging.

7. Loading & Unloading

Learn about loading or unloading straight trucks, tractor trailers, and railway cars. This chapter also covers the occupational hazards of propane fuel, propane combustion products, and how to control exposure to propane and it’s combustion products.

8. Batteries & Chargers

Chapter 8 goes over the standards and hazards pertaining to batteries, chargers, and connectors used when charging forklift batteries.

9. Maintaining Forklift Truck Control

This chapter explains how to maintain control over a forklift when handling pallets, stacking a load, lifting, tilting, travelling, steering, reversing, travelling uphill/downhill, parking, and inserting the fork.

10. Forklift Daily Checks

Chapter 10 of this Forklift training course covers the daily checks that should be performed as well as personal protective equipment.

11. FAQ

The final chapter of this course covers common frequently asked questions pertaining to this course and forklift operation.

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Depending on how many training credits you purchase, you may receive a discount. Once purchased, training credits may be used to assign training to users in your account or held for future use.

In addition to the training that you purchase, you will also have access to a number of free training management tools. These tools allow you to add and manage users in your account, distribute training courses, view training progress, print certificates, view records of training, and create customized certification reports to ensure your users are always in compliance.

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Our consulting services include OHS Auditing, Safety Policy Development, Procedure Writing, Training Needs Analysis, Safety Inspections, Job Safety & Hazard Analysis, Emergency Response Planning, and Fall Prevention & Detection.

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