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At Worksite Safety, our Training & Consulting department is dedicated to building a customized Health & Safety Program to address your organization’s variety of needs. We also assist in implementing the program with the support of our engaging in-class and online training, and compliance tracking tools.

No company is too small, and no work environment is too simple where a well designed Health and Safety Program will not benefit workers and management alike.

What is a Health & Safety Program?

At a minimum, a Health and Safety Program needs to include the elements required by Provincial and Federal Health & Safety Legislation. Because every organization and environment is different, a program developed for one organization should not be expected to meet the needs of another.

It is our mandate as professionals to develop plans and programs that meet the unique needs and environments where staff carry out their work on a daily basis, creating customized programs that deal with risks specifically for each situation.

OHS Auditing

A great first step in the development of a Health and Safety Program, is completing an audit of your existing workplace and any policies, procedures or plans currently in place.

Our experienced team of consultants are familiar with structured audit processes such as the WSIB Workwell Audit, and compliance standards such as COR Certification. We also are happy to assist our clients who have already experienced audits such as WSIB Workwell as they work towards achieving compliance for re-evaluation.

Safety Policy Development

Typically following an initial audit, we work with our clients to assemble a Safety Policy that will guide their strategy in the ongoing development of procedures and specific policies. These policies and procedures are the cornerstone of a company’s Heath and Safety Program. The development of a Safety Policy begins with a Safety Policy Statement, which communicates in plain language the standard the company is setting for health an safety and promotes the company’s Health and Safety Program in the workplace.

Procedure Writing

Although a safety policy sets out in general terms what the company’s approach is to health and safety in the workplace or on a job, specific rules or procedures need to be developed to clearly explain how to be safe when carrying out the tasks of an individual’s work day. We work to develop rules that are descriptive and easily understood, encourage positive terminology, and are easy to enforce.

Once developed, we work with you to create a plan to train the procedures, create awareness of the procedures, and enforce the procedures on an ongoing basis.

Training Needs Analysis

A training needs analysis is one of the important next steps once a Health and Safety Program is in place. During this process we help to identify what the gaps are in your employee training process, and discover any additional training needs. With the focus of our expert training team, we work with our clients to develop engaging and effective training content to fill the gap and further mitigate future risk by better worker education.

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Safety Inspections

Scheduling regular workplace safety inspections are a key component of maintaining a Health and Safety Program for the long term. These inspections help to prevent injury, illness, and loss through a thorough examination of the workplace. We assist our clients by helping to facilitate inspections that identify and record hazards so that they can be quickly corrected. We also work with Joint Health and Safety Committees to plan, conduct, report and monitor inspections.

Fall Prevention & Detection

Regardless of the industry you work in, if work is conducted at heights or workers are at risk of falling at your workplace, it is extremely important that you are aware of the risk and put a plan in place to prevent falls and protect workers who may fall. In addition to training, we can also assist with selecting, fitting and inspecting equipment. We also are available to assist with identifying hazards and risks, creating controls for identified hazard areas, as well as creating safe work procedures for fall protection systems.

Job Safety & Hazard Analysis

When we conduct a Job Safety/Hazard Analysis, we breakdown the job into the steps or tasks performed and integrate safety and health concepts and practices to ensure that whoever is completing the job is doing so in the safest way possible. After completing the hazard analysis, we work with our clients to create a written work procedure based on the results. This can be used by supervisors as a tool for checking in on workers as they complete their tasks to ensure safety, and can be a great tool during training for new staff or staff that are new to that role. Once documented, it can also be used during health and safety inspections, and are invaluable in the event that a investigation pertaining to the job is necessary.

Emergency Response Planning

Though it is everyone’s priority to minimize the risk of an emergency situation, these unfortunate events do happen. A response plan for dealing with major emergencies is a key component of any Health and Safety Program. In these situations decisions need to be made quickly, there is never enough time to strategize on the fly, and if you are not prepared you might find yourself with a lack of resources or trained personnel to guide you through the situation. Aside from the Emergency Response Plan itself, this process is typically beneficial because it exposes other potentially unrecognized risks or hazardous conditions as you identify how you would need to deal with a particular emergency situation.

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