Stop Work Order Compliance

Timeline: 1 Week

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Package Overview

When work stops or a hazard is present in a workplace, the situation must be resolved quickly and must permanently resolve the issue. The solution may be equipment changes, training delivery, policy or program development. Regardless of the need, our team will assess the order and develop and implement all requirements so work can resume both safely and as quickly as possible; protecting your workers and your bottom line. To book a no-cost initial meeting or just ask some questions, call our consulting team directly at (866) 756-5554.

Available Services:

Guaranteed One Week Completion
Up To 8 Hours of Priority Service
OH&S Program Recommendations
Training Recommendations
Non-Compliance Prevention Plan

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Next Steps

  1. Prior to any work beginning, we will meet with you do discuss your needs and craft a proposal for work to be completed ensuring our plan and your requirements are aligned.
  2. Create a plan outlining the requirements to resume work.
  3. Complete training delivery within the time outlined in the order.
  4. Complete policy and program updates as required by the order.
  5. Provide further recommendations for ongoing success.

Preventing Future Downtime

Our first priority is to remove any obstruction preventing you and your staff from returning to work, which is why we are committed to a one-week turnaround. But how will you ensure that you are not caught off guard again by an inspector? This is why we meet to discuss our training, program and policy recommendations once our work is complete. Our goal is always to help our clients reach a place of self-reliance with a well-developed health and safety program, and a variety of cost-effective training options. But we are ready to assist in the short or long term as you build a culture of safety in your workplace. Support services that we offer to our clients include: Regular Site Audits, Online Safety Certifications, and a free compliance tracking software.