On-Site Safety

Outsourced Safety Supervisor or Safety Watch Services Provided by Industry Experienced Credentialled Professionals

On-Site Safety

We provide support to your workplace, jobsite or project by assigning an Advisor to help fulfill the role of Safety Supervisor or Safety Watch. Whether there is a requirement for a third party directly responsible individual, no available internal resource for the project, or simply a short-term need Worksite’s Advisors have senior industry experience and will help ensure internal and sub-trade compliance with your Health & Safety Management system through education, coaching, audits and inspections.

If you have questions for an Advisor about what is required by the act and legislation, you can schedule a consultation, send a message or call our team directly at (866) 756-5552.

Available Services:

Outsourced Safety Supervision/Safety Watch
Site Walks & Inspections
New Hire Orientation Training
JHSC Meeting Facilitation
Job Hazard Identification and Analysis
Management Reporting

How can we help?

Our Process

  1. We work collaboratively with you to understand your objectives and establish key results.
  2. We will assign an Advisor to provide service to site(s) for an agreed upon frequency and duration.
  3. We provide real-time feedback related to H&S policy and program compliance with workers, managers and subcontractors.
  4. We will use digital inspection tools to track findings and present recommendations
  5. We will review our findings with key personnel and management to support continuous improvement.

How We Can Help

As your health and safety partner, we work with you to ensure your operation is compliant with all relevant internal or external health and safety standards. This is important because as an employer you have the greatest responsibility to keep your workplace safe. Through regular inspections, conversations with workers, and meetings with management we will achieve the follow outcomes:

  • Prioritize safety in the workplace
  • Be aware of existing and potential workplace hazards
  • Understand the legislative requirements
  • Stay up-to-date with changing health and safety regulations

Each of our qualified Health and Safety Advisors have unique specializations and experience in various industries and work environments. Through our on-boarding process you will be matched with an expert Advisor qualified to carry out your health and safety duties.