Product Announcement: Ground Disturbance 201 Now Available

Worksite Safety is excited to announce the availability of the industry-leading Ground Disturbance and Safe Digging certification courses as developed by the expert team at Locate Management. Developed with input from a cross-sector of industries, Locate Management’s new online Safe Digging – Supervisory Ground Disturbance course is aimed at developing advanced ground disturbance (excavation) skills and attitudes. This… Read more »

Red Cross First Aid CPR Training Goes Online

To further their goal of improving quality of life by giving people the skills to make safe choices, prevent injuries, and respond in emergency situations, the Canadian Red Cross has released blended learning versions of their Standard First Aid (SFA), Emergency First Aid (EFA), and CPR/AED courses to meet the need of people in workplaces,… Read more »

Six Things You Need to Know about WHMIS 2015

1.     What is WHMIS 2015? Canada has aligned the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS), known as WHMIS 1988, with the Globally Harmonized system of Classification and labeling of Chemicals (GHS) to help harmonize hazard communication systems worldwide. The updates to Canadian legislation to implement GHS is referred to as WHMIS 2015. 2.    What are… Read more »

It’s National Safe Driving Week

WHO HAS YOUR BACK ON THE ROAD THIS WINTER? As Canadians, we are familiar with challenging and often unfavourable winter driving conditions. Winter driving can sometimes be a daunting task. Take comfort in the fact that new technologies are working to keep you safer than ever. Built into newer vehicles, new technologies can help you… Read more »

TDG Regulations Amendments

REGULATIONS AMENDING THE TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS P.C. 2011-1270 OCTOBER 27, 2011 Whereas, pursuant to subsection 30(1) (see footnote a) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 (see footnote b), a copy of the proposed Regulations Amending the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, substantially in the annexed form, was published in the Canada Gazette, Part Ⅰ, on May 2, 2009… Read more »