What is a due diligence checklist, and why do I need one?

To show due diligence, an employer must implement a plan to identify possible workplace hazards and carry out the appropriate corrective action to prevent incidents or injuries arising from these hazards. 

A Supervisor must demonstrate they have fulfilled their “Due Diligence” related to the worksite. This means they can show everything that must be in place has been reviewed and evaluated for accuracy and completeness. The items that need reviewing can be as simple as a First Aid kit is available and as robust as ensuring the employee has received all the appropriate training.

A Due Diligence Checklist will help you recognize what needs to be looked at and what records should be in place. 

Worksite has developed a checklist with four (4) sections, each with its own topic or theme. 

Section 1: One asks the supervisor to review their own responsibilities at a worksite. 

Section 2: Addresses the safety training and knowledge an employee should have and the necessary records. 

Section 3: Looks at the more significant responsibilities of an employer. The supervisor is expected to know those responsibilities and ensure they have been implemented at a work site. 

Section 4: Lists the documentation that should be available at a worksite.

Suppose additional items at a work site are specific to a particular hazard or process. In that case, it is good to record them as well. More is better in this respect. Always date the checklist, as conditions can change from day to day.

By completing the Due Diligence Checklist and answering “Yes” to each question, a supervisor will be able to demonstrate they have been diligent.

For more information or support for your work site, contact Worksite Safety:

Caitlin Simpson, H&S Advisor

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A sample checklist can be downloaded HERE.

Published: February 12, 2024
Last Modified: February 12, 2024