In the CSA lift truck standards, the word license is not present and you do not require one. The standard sets out a training requirement that must be met prior to operating a forklift, and it is recommended to have a proof of training certificate showing you have been trained on how to operate each specific forklift you will be using on the job.

The major parts of a forklift certification course are hazard awareness, maintenance and inspections, load handling and balance, and safe operation techniques. These sections should be fully understood prior to operating a forklift, as well you should be guided through basic forklift function and operation by a competent person on the specific model of forklift you will be using. The CSA standard does also specify the requirements for a competent person.

The standard also goes over the retraining process for forklift operators, stating that you must be retrained every three years, or follow the specific requirements set out in your province.

CSA Standards B335-15 – Safety Standards for Lift Trucks 

Clause 6.1.2 states the 4 sections of training that should be completed prior to Forklift or Lift Truck operation.

Theory: Involves the instruction-led information utilizing various methods of delivery, including but not limited to, group discussion, individual exercises, interactive lectures, videos, slideshows, overheads, props, models, case studies, brainstorming, and workshops.

Hands-On: Involves the trainee (under the direct supervision of a trainer) using their physical ability to practice the operation of lift trucks.

Knowledge Verification: Involves evaluation to confirm the level of comprehension with regard to theoretical information conveyed. Evaluation methods include, but are not limited to, written, oral, pictorial (visual) testing, or any combination thereof.

Practical Evaluation: Involves trainee’s demonstrating their proficiency in the operation of lift trucks and being measured against predetermined criteria.

For more information on the training requirements of ForkLifts, Lift Trucks, Elevated Work Platforms, or any other equipment, please refer to the CSA standards, Provincial or Federal Legislation that may directly impact your operations, or contact one of our Health and Safety Advisors.
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Published: January 8, 2021
Last Modified: January 8, 2021