Digital certificates are here! In this update, we’re introducing digital signatures and QR code records of training to your certifications, as well as a certificate validation tool. With the two new certificate features, you can easily use your phone, tablet or computer to show a signed certificate verifying proof of competency.

You now have the option to sign your certificates digitally directly from your Worksite Safety account. Additionally, you can request other required signatures (such as an employer or training manager) from within your training account. This signature request can be sent to another account on Worksite or any external email address. When the request is made, it sends a secure signing link to the account or email of your choice.

Once signed, all versions of your certificate will have these digital signatures printed on them. This includes your digital pdf copy, a printed paper version, or a plastic certificate ordered from Worksite, saving you the hassle of tracking people down in person for a signature. 

The other significant feature introduced with this update is a scannable QR code on certificates. Use any device to scan the certificate’s QR code and show the trainee’s complete record of training, regardless of whether the scanning device has any account or connection to Worksite. Scanning the certificate will link to a secure public record of training showing all certifications earned through Worksite Safety.

Lastly, Worksite’s certificate validation tool allows anyone to enter a certificate number and last name on any Worksite branded certificate to check its validation and expiry.

Published: August 31, 2022
Last Modified: August 31, 2022