After earning their WHMIS certificate, employees often wonder under what circumstances they will have to redo their certification. Will the training be valid at another job? Across Canada? Will it expire?

Your WHMIS certification is valid even if you switch workplaces. You can work without re-training if you have your WHMIS certificate for the current year from your previous employer. If there are site-specific hazards to be made aware of, your employer may request further training or a WHMIS re-certification. Otherwise, your new employer may want you to apply for a new WHMIS certification.

There are no set laws regarding WHMIS across Canada. Each province and territory implements WHMIS with individual legislation. Safety legislation mandates WHMIS training, but some employers may recognize your prior certification. You may not have to apply for a new WHMIS certificate when starting another position, either in the same city or in another province entirely.

So, when is your WHMIS certificate up for review or expiry? Employers review WHMIS training programs on an annual basis. It is not uncommon for employers to have an annual “refresher” on WHMIS at the workplace. 

You may need additional training if:

  • There is a change in workplace conditions
  • New information becomes available on a controlled product
  • New or reformulated workplace materials introduce new hazards in the workplace.


Published: October 4, 2021
Last Modified: January 24, 2022