When looking for Working At Heights training, you need to know that you will receive certified training that will permit you to work from heights throughout Ontario. Working At Heights training ensures that workers are qualified to perform their job safely.


Do I Need Working At Heights Training In Ontario?

Construction projects in Ontario may require the use of fall protection equipment and could expose workers to the risk of falling from a height. To complete such a project, you need approved Working at Heights training.

Worksite Safety’s Working at Heights training programs satisfy requirements established by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) for all workers employed under construction regulations and are approved by the MOL’s Chief Prevention Officer. You can see Worksite Safety’s approval listed here (https://www.ontario.ca/page/training-working-heights). 

This training and certification provides the qualifications you need to work from heights safely.


Where do I get my certificate after training?

Worksite Safety instructors issue a unique, physical certificate card to participants upon successful completion of the course. This certificate is valid for immediate use. Within a few weeks of completing training, the MOL will email you with information on viewing and accessing your certificate from them, including your MOL learner ID.


When do I get my Ministry of Labour learner ID?

Each participant that completes the course will receive an email from the MOL within a few weeks of taking your Working at Heights class. This email will have all the information you need to obtain your MOL learner ID.

There may be other requirements for specialized worksites depending on the type of work you are performing or your organization’s health and safety policies. Contact your employer or Worksite Safety’s support team for more information.

Published: January 9, 2022
Last Modified: January 24, 2022