Elevated work platforms, or EWPs, are excellent tools that can be used to substitute ladders and scaffolds, and provide a potentially safer means of performing work at an elevation. These systems do require training on proper operation, maintenance, and personal fall protection systems while in use. 

Depending on where in Canada you are working, you will be under slightly different requirements for training on Elevated Work Platforms. In Ontario for example, you will be required to take a CPO approved Working at Heights course, as well as a course designed for your type of Elevated Work Platform. In Alberta, you are required to take a Fall Protection Course, as well as the EWP course for your machine. 

As a standard requirement, you should take the required working at heights or fall protection course in your province as required, as well as training on any machine you are going to be operating, or that is acting as either a fall prevention device or work platform off of the ground.

These two training courses combined will give you the knowledge and techniques to stay safe while operating, and working from an EWP. Having the proper harnesses, lanyards, tie-offs, and anchors will prevent you from leaving the basket or work area, and knowing the load limits and balance points of the machine will prevent any tipping or sudden movements while working.

Published: December 1, 2020
Last Modified: December 1, 2020