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WHMIS Online Training

Canadian law requires that any person exposed to hazardous materials in the workplace must be trained in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

This comprehensive WHMIS 2015 course includes the new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling for chemicals (GHS) enacted in 2015. It also covers content from the previous WHMIS system (WHMIS 1988).

This course consists of 6 chapters and a final exam. Once you pass your exam, you may print your certificates of completion (wallet & wall sized). Training may be paused or resumed at any time, is fully narrated, and includes interactive exercises to ensure understanding of course content. Alternative training methods are also available including book based distance learning, and classroom training.

It is an employee’s responsibility to participate in WHMIS safety training, take necessary measures to protect themselves and co-workers, and to properly identify and control hazardous materials. The onus is on the employer to ensure that hazardous materials are properly labelled, to have SDSs available, and to offer education and training about the products in the workplace.

This training program is intended to be completed entirely online. Depending on your duties or workplace hazards, supplementary training for specific hazardous materials, Safety Data Sheets, workplace labeling practices, or other additional considerations may be required. Please contact us for more information or to arrange supplementary or hands-on training.

This course was updated in February 2024 and includes the most recent updates to WHMIS legislation. This includes Physical Hazard Group Class additions, changes to the meaning of the GHS acronym, Controlled Products being renamed Hazardous Products, as well as various other changes. A complete summary of these updates can be found in the Government of Canada’s Canada Gazette, Part II, Volume 157.

Inquire About Supplementary / On-Site Training

In general, employers tend to review their WHMIS training programs at least once per year, and more often if:

  • conditions at the workplace change;
  • new information on a controlled product becomes available; or
  • new products or reformulated products with different hazards are introduced.

The requirement for review does not mean the re-instruction automatically follows, but does identify any need for re-instructing workers.

Last Updated: Feb 3rd, 2024
Average Duration: 1 Hour
Digital & Printable Certificate
Plastic Proof Of Training Card Included
Unlimited Exam Attempts
Accepted Across Canada
Available in English or French (SIMDUT)
Self-Paced, Available 24/7
Available on All Major Devices
Live Student Support
Permanent Record of Training
User Management Tools Available
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Course Outline

1. Groups, Categories & Classes

The first section of the WHMIS 2015 course will cover the different classifications of hazards. Every material you encounter in the workplace or at home is put into a group, category, and a class. This set of classifications will give you the ability to know what hazards and risks to expect from the material.

2. Pictograms

The second section of this course goes over the ten pictograms you will find in WHMIS 2015. Each of these simple to understand images provide a simple method to quickly identify what class and category of material is inside the container or vehicle.

3. Labels

The third lesson in this course will give you the ability to properly identify, read, and understand a product label. These labels are designed to be the first source of information for the hazards, safety precautions, and proper use of a product.

4. Safety Data Sheets

The fourth lesson in the WHMIS 2015 course provides a detailed explanation of how to properly read and understand a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The SDS will give you detailed information on the hazards associated with a product, and any other safety information you may need.

5. Protecting Yourself

The fifth lesson in this course goes over the many types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you may be required to wear while handling or using chemicals or materials that are hazardous according to their WHMIS classifications.

6. Emergency Preparedness

The final lesson in this WHMIS 2015 course provides a more detailed look at the safety section of the SDS sheets, basic risk prevention, and how to properly deal with hazardous situations that may come up. These situations can be to the environment, your workplace, while transporting hazardous materials, or to yourself.

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Depending on how many training credits you purchase, you may receive a discount. Once purchased, training credits may be used to assign training to users in your account or held for future use.

In addition to the training that you purchase, you will also have access to a number of free training management tools. These tools allow you to add and manage users in your account, distribute training courses, view training progress, print certificates, view records of training, and create customized certification reports to ensure your users are always in compliance.

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We put our team of professionals to work to build solutions that improve results, save time, relieve your budget and keep your people safe. In addition to our training programs, we also provide Consulting Services, Train The Trainer Solutions, Course Authoring, and Integration services.

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It is our mandate to develop plans and programs that meet the unique needs and environments where staff carry out their work on a daily basis, creating customized programs that deal with risks specifically for each situation.

Our consulting services include OHS Auditing, Safety Policy Development, Procedure Writing, Training Needs Analysis, Safety Inspections, Job Safety & Hazard Analysis, Emergency Response Planning, and Fall Prevention & Detection.

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These packages educate new trainers on how to deliver in-person training to adult learners. Packages include Instructor Certification courses, expanded reference manuals, ready to customize classroom presentations, exam templates, certificates, and participant guides for students.

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Our team of industry leading instructional designers and subject matter experts are able to develop defensible, effective, and efficient training programs that you can deliver as elearning content, self-learning course books, reference materials for classroom teaching, or as an app that integrates with existing frameworks. Training programs can be something that is built from scratch, or modified using pre-existing course materials from our library or your own.

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