Dangerous goods in transport must be accompanied by a paper document that provides the required basic information about the goods being handled, offered for transport, or transported.

These documents must be kept for a period of two years after transportation, as a record of where the product has been and where it went.

A Basic TDG by Ground Shipping Document.
  1. The Consignor
    This is the person who is shipping or selling a product to someone else. The consignor may also be the shipper in some circumstances, such as a manufacturer delivering a product to a customer.
  2. Dates
    This is the date that the shipment and document was prepared for transportation.
  3. Product Information.
    1. UN number
    2. Dangerous goods shipping name
    3. Primary class and subclasses
    4. The packaging group in roman numerals
    5. Toxic by inhalation identifier for dangerous goods under Special Provision 23.
  4. Transporting measurements
    These must be in Metric if originating in Canada.
  5. The 24-hours number
    This is the number anyone will be able to call, to get technical information about the dangerous goods being shipped.
  6. Consigner certification
    This is the declaration stating the accuracy of the information provided above, and the name of who has signed off on this shipment.

Published: December 2, 2019
Last Modified: December 4, 2019