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Ground Disturbance Level 2

This Ground Disturbance Level 2 online training course is aimed at developing advanced excavation, locating, marking, and communication skills and attitudes, and explains the necessary process to plan and safely perform all job actions as per applicable regulatory requirements, acts, and industry standards and best practices. Ground Disturbance (201) training is intended for anyone who requires a stronger understanding of ground disturbance hazards and procedures.

The online course will include 10 modules designed to encompass all supervisor and worker level job requirements, a final exam requiring a passing grade of 80%, and a printable certificate. A more durable plastic wallet certificate is also available.

Who Should Take This Course?

All individuals, including supervisors, ground disturbers, excavators, project managers, and workers, who work in the ground disturbance (excavation) industry will benefit from this e-learning supervisory ground disturbance training course.

*This certificate is valid for 3 years. Individuals or employers may use their best judgment to set their own expiration period from within their training account.

Average Duration: 8 Hours
Printable Certificate Upon Completion
Plastic Proof Of Training Card Available
Unlimited Exam Attempts
Accepted Across Canada
Valid for 3+ Years*
Self-Paced. Available 24/7
Live Student Support
Permanent Record of Training
User Management Tools Available

Course Outline

1. Intro to Safe Digging

Lesson 1 explains safe digging operations, the importance to all stakeholders, and how corporate policies and procedures can relate to safe digging operations.

2. Legislation & Damage Prevention

Lesson 2 covers the legislation around locating and marking, ground disturbance, and hydrovacing operations, and the damage prevention process.

3. Stakeholders and Damage Prevention

Lesson 3 will provide you with the ability to understand the use of the Common Ground Alliance, use one-call centres, and explain the locator and stakeholders roles in the excavation process.

4. Information Sources & Visual Inspection

Lesson 4 provides an overview of the various information sources you will use to verify facilities, how to understand documents and records, and recognize warning signs.

5. Hazards, Obstacles & Safety

Lesson 5 covers the process of safely managing a ground disturbance operation, including risk management, and understanding electrical hazards.

6. Locating & Marking

Lesson 6 will give you the theory behind the different types of locating and marking methods used to verify underground facilities, and how to locate and mark specific obstacles.

7. Hydrovacing & Facility Verification

Lesson 7 goes over the process of Hydrovacing and safe equipment operating procedures, as well as how to effectively verify the facilities you are excavating.

8. Safe Excavation

Lesson 8 explains how to monitor, test, and select the appropriate safety precautions to prevent hazardous situations from arising while excavating different areas.

9. PROPPER Method of Safe Digging

Lesson 9 provides an overview of the P.R.O.P.P.E.R methodology used to create a safe environment while doing excavation on a worksite.

10. Incident Prevention

Lesson 10 covers the common situations that cause harmful or dangerous incidents, how to identify hazards and unsafe practices, and explain the corrective actions.