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This Online PPE Course will guide you through all aspects of PPE, from upper and lower body protection, respiratory protection, and head protection. Our comprehensive course will explain in detail what you need to know, emphasize key points and test your knowledge retention after each module. This course is required by many industries, and you should check with your employer to see whether or not you need PPE Training.

After completion of this course, you should be able to understand:

  • How Personal Protective Equipment is used in the workplace
  • How to properly use all types of PPE
  • CSA Safety standards in relation to PPE
  • How to maintain your PPE

Key Points on PPE:

  • PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment
  • PPE is primarily concerned with detailing individual protective gear and how they are used
  • All employers are required to show diligence when training employees
  • By taking both theory and practical on-site training employees will achieve OHS compliance
Average Duration: 3 Hours
Printable Certificate Upon Completion
Plastic, Digital, & Printable Certificate
Unlimited Exam Attempts
Standards Compliant Across Canada
Self-Paced. Available 24/7
Live Student Support
Permanent Record of Training
User Management Tools Available

Course Outline

1. What is PPE?

The first chapter introduces Personal Protective Equipment, what it is, and why it’s important.

2. PPE Control Needed

Chapter 2 outlines how to select the proper PPE hazard control to use.

3. Promoting PPE Programs

Chapter 3 covers promoting PPE programs and some limitations of PPE.

4. Protective Clothing and Ensembles

Chapter 4 explores protective clothing in particular.

5. Example PPE Program Checklist

The fifth chapter covers an example PPE program checklist.

6. Designing an Effective PPE Program

The sixth chapter covers how to design an effective PPE program for your organization.

7. Protective Footwear

Chapter 7 covers protective footwear.

8. Chemical Protective Clothing

Chapter 8 deals with chemical protective clothing and how to select clothing of appropriate material.

9. Head Protection

This chapter highlights different types of head protection and when to use it.

10. High Visibility Safety Apparel

Chapter 10 covers high-vis clothing and some of the requirements surrounding it.

11. Respirators

Chapter 11 goes over respirators including how to select appropriate respiratory protection.

12. Safety Glasses/Goggles

The twelfth chapter covers protective eyewear.

13. Hearing Protection

The final chapter dives into hearing protection and some of its advantages and limitations.

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