TDG Shipping Document Poster

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

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Dimensions: 17" x 11"
Printed on 100LB Gloss
TDG Basics Overview
Developed & Printed in Canada
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This Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Shipping Document Poster has been built to provide you with the basic information required to perform any job that involves handling, shipping, packaging, or transporting dangerous goods. Place this poster in the workplace to help reinforce the TDG by Ground acts and regulations, and provide a quick reference for all TDG workers.

This poster is made of durable 100lb Gloss poster paper, is 17″ by 11″, and provides an outline on the following items:

  • Shipping Document Sample
  • Packing Groups
  • Training & Certificate Requirements
  • A Pre-Shipping Checklist

Canadian law requires that any person shipping, handling, or transporting dangerous goods must be trained in accordance with Transport Canada’s standards by means of relevant transportation. More information on TDG By Ground Training.