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Worksite Safety’s condensed TDG Handbook is a great way to take TDG training on the go and serve as an excellent resource after training has been completed. This compact guide can be used as a daily reference and includes blank pages in the back for taking notes specific to the hazards and protocols in your workplace. This pocket sized reference guide is very durable and features a coil bound spine for ease of use and reading.

Worksite Safety’s TDG Handbook provides reference material on the following topics:

  • TDG Dangerous Goods Act
  • Dangerous Goods Classifications
  • Shipping Documentation Outline & Storage
  • Shipping Documentation for Hazardous Waste
  • Special Cases
  • Displaying and Reading UN Numbers
  • Consolidation and Overpacks
  • Placards on Compartmentalized Containers and other options
  • Removing or Changing Safety Marks
  • Emergency Reports
  • Loss or Theft
  • Emergency Response Assistant Plans (ERAP)
  • Special Situations and Exemptions
  • Glossary of Common Terms

This handbook is also available as a Kindle E-Book