British Columbia Handi-Guide 2020


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Updated to 2020


This handy up-to-date in-the-field reference guide contains Part 3 of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, as well as the main information from six other relevant chapters. It is a great informative tool for supervisors, workers, and safety leaders, by providing the needed resources to make educated health and safety decisions. This overview of the British Columbia Health and Safety Regulations are necessary for worker and supervisor training and provide an on-hand resource to go back to. The 2020 edition of the BC Handi-Guide includes updated commentary and content related to a wide range of important regulatory amendments, including WorksafeBC Policies and Guidelines, OHS Regulations, OHS Acts, WHMIS 2015, JHSC Guidelines, Stop Work Orders, and any legislation you need to know to maintain a safe workplace.

Having a copy of the BC Handi-Guide is always a good idea for any worker or employer, with updates from the 2019 BC Handi-Guide, the new version is key to knowing your updated rights and responsibilities.

New in this edition

  • A current version of the OHS Regulation and Part 3 (OHS) of the Workers Compensation Act.
  • The summary listing of the most recent changes to key Parts of the OHS Regulation which came into effect on June 1st of 2020.
  • A listing of anticipated changes to other Parts of the OHS Regulation later in 2020, e.g., mobile equipment and consequential amendments to other Parts; PPE (high visibility apparel), blasting, and construction (equipment inspection).
  • Updates on numerous recently published guidelines associated with different parts of the OHS Regulation; including policy and guidelines tied to Part 24 – Diving, Fishing, and Other Marine Operation.