British Columbia Handi-Guide 2021


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Updated to 2021


HANDI-GUIDE to British Columbia’s OHS Regulation – 2021 Edition contains important OHS legislation in BC, including Part 2 (Occupational Health and Safety) of the Workers Compensation Act and the current version of OHS Regulations.

This convenient and easy-to-read reference tool for BC’s health and safety legislation is an excellent resource for frontline workers, supervisors, joint health and safety committees and employers. It includes a regulatory update chapter with commentary explaining the latest regulatory developments in BC (in force September 1st, 2021), as well as five other chapters outlining OHS responsibilities, OHS due diligence, actions for workers, actions for supervisors and the role of joint OHS committees and HS representatives.

Updated content includes:

  • Part 2 (OHS) of the Act and the OHS Regulation
  • WorkSafe BC Policies, Guidelines, and Enforcement Methods used
  • OHS Due Diligence, Fines and Penalties, Administrative Penalties and OHS Citations
  • Significant Regulatory Developments in 2021, including amendments to the OHS Regulation
  • Communicable Viral Pathogens, COVID-19 and Workplace Health and Safety