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This course meets all Alberta Government Requirements and legislation for the Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA) course and focuses on light duty and semi-trailer drivers. This course covers all facets of oilfield driver safety, including the SAFER driving system, driving in adverse conditions, and maintaining a driver logbook.

Oilfield drivers are on the road for more kilometres per year than the average driver, and because of that they are at a higher risk of collisions and the skill and professionalism of each oilfield driver is expected to be at a higher level.

The six sections of this course will bring the participant through all aspects of Oilfield Driver Safety. Starting with the legislation and fundamentals of the SAFER method, pre-trip preparation, safe driving tactics, dealing with adverse conditions, and fatigue management.


Testing conducted throughout this online course is designed to reinforce the information presented. Participants are able to repeat the course as many times as is needed if the pass mark is not achieved on the first attempt.

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Average Duration: 2 Hour
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Course Outline

1. SAFER & Driver Fundamentals

The first section of this online driver safety course goes over the SAFER methodology, which stands for Space, Attitude, Foresight, Eyesight, and Responsibility. As well, you will learn the fundamentals of basic driver safety and awareness in oilfields.

2. Light and Weather

The second section of this course provides a detailed overview of the difference between day and night driving, the hazards associated with each, and best practices to mitigate any potential risk. You will also be brought through weather conditions and the hazards associated with each condition.

3. Collision Prevention

The third section provides an overview of the major causes of oilfield driving collisions, accidents, rollovers, and common driver errors. You will also be provided best practices for awareness in each situation, how to foresee incidents, and preventative measures to take.

4. Fatigue Management

The final section of this driver course provides a deeper understanding of driver fatigue and the statistics of the harm it causes. The laws and regulations around fatigue and driver responsibility are provided, as well as the knowledge of how to recognize fatigue before an accident happens.

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