Alberta OHS Act, Regulation and Code Handbook

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Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Updated to 2023
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Handbook Description

OHS Act, Regulation and Code Handbook – March 31, 2023 contains the complete Occupational Health and Safety Act, Code and regulations in Alberta.

This portable 9″x6″ Handbook outlines the minimum technical requirements for health and safety in Alberta workplaces as per the Occupational Health and Safety Code. Amended by Alberta Regulation on 24/2/2022, The OHS Code has been in force as of March 31, 2023. Published by Alberta King’s Printer.

Content covered:

  • The complete OHS Act
  • Regulation
  • Ticketing and Administrative Penalties
  • OHS Code and Index

All workers should be aware of the OHS Act, Regulation, and Code requirements that apply to them at their workplace.