Violence and Harassment Policy

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks | Average Investment: $840

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Package Overview

An employer is required to ensure that every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the protection of workers, including prohibiting impairment or the presence of alcohol or drugs in workplaces. We provide support to employers who do not have available internal resources to investigate and update policy, or who want to bring in an outside firm to support culture change or reinforce the importance of compliance.

The first step we take in these projects is a 30 minute discovery meeting to better understand your needs and context. This also will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about our audit process or about the act and legislation in general.

To book a discovery meeting or just ask some questions, call our consulting team directly at (866) 756-5554.

Package Includes:

Policy Development & Program Amendment
Procedure Development
Management Program Review
Training Support Recommendations
Digital & Hard Copy Provided

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Next Steps

  1. Prior to any work beginning, we will meet with you do discuss your needs and craft a proposal for work to be completed ensuring our plan and your requirements are aligned.
  2. Review existing violence and harassment policies
  3. Develop new policy and program that reflects Bills 132 and 168.
  4. Once completed, we will review program with management teams and key personnel.

Why Is It Required?

The Occupational Health and Safety Act gives clear direction regarding violence and harassment. An employer is required to prepare a policy with respect to workplace violence and workplace harassment. The employer is also required to review these policies as often as is necessary, but at least once annually.

The workplace violence program shall include measures and procedures to control the risks identified as likely to expose a worker to physical injury. The program must also include measures and procedures for summoning immediate assistance when workplace violence occurs or is likely to occur.

Additionally, the program must include measures and procedures for workers to report incidents of workplace violence to the employer or supervisor and set out how the employer will investigate and deal with incidents or complaints of workplace violence.