3M Protecta 5/8" Rope Grab

An Automatic and Mobile Solution

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For Use On Vertical Rope Lifelines
Automatic Brake Upon Fall Detection
Gravity Latch For Added Security

Protecta Brand Rope Grab

This rope grab is to be used with a 5/8″ blended rope lifeline, providing free movement around the worksite while always connected to a fall restraint system. The Protecta Rope Grab fall protection system moves with you along a rope lifeline, and if a fall is detected it will automatically apply a friction brake stopping your descent. The rope grabs utilize a cam lever brake to lock the rope grab onto the lifeline in case of a fall; some also incorporate a secondary inertial brake in the event the operator holds the device open in a panic situation. They will also reduce the arresting forces on a worker if there is a fall.

Generally used by Roofers, Steel Workers, General Laboureres, Wind Energy Technicians, Utility Workers and anyone who works at heights and requires mobility.

Rope Grab Specifications

  • To be used with a 5/8″ blended rope lifeline
  • For use with a verticle lifeline only
  • Attachable and detachable at any point of a lifeline
  • Corrosion-resistant and made of high quality materials