Alberta Handi-Guide 2022


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Updated to 2022


HANDI-GUIDE to Alberta’s OH&S Act, Regulation and Code – 2022 Edition contains the complete and current Occupational Health and Safety Act, Code and regulations in Alberta.

Alberta’s updated and re-numbered OHS Act came into force on December 1st, 2021. In addition to this critical update, the 2022 edition of the Handi-Guide contains numerous changes to the OHS Regulations and the OHS Code resulting from changes to the Act and provides commentary regarding significant regulatory developments on the Alberta OHS scene in 2021 and 2022.

Updated content includes:

  • A range of compliance and enforcement topics such as prosecution examples, orders, inspections and investigations by OHS officers
  • Information about online services and resources
  • Discussion of the OHS Branch’s annual, three-year OHS Regulatory Review Plan, 2020-2023
  • An update on COVID-19 in the context of OHS compliance in Alberta

Under Part 2 (Availability of Information) of Alberta’s OH&S Act, employers have a duty under Section 14(3) to ensure a paper or electronic copy of the OH&S Act, regulations, and the OH&S Code are readily available for reference by workers, joint work site health and safety committees, and health and safety representatives.

Alberta Labour (OHS Branch), responsible for administering the OH&S Act, has advised that they recognize the acceptability of the official published versions from Alberta’s Queen’s Printer, and copies as published by Thomson Reuters in the Handi-Guide.