Do you typically purchase training for yourself? Have you purchased training of behalf of a friend or family member? Do you manage multiple employees? Our online training platform offers features to benefit all types of users, including large groups!

Now, you can tailor your account view to suit your training needs! Already registered? Your My Account page will look a little different today. If you only need training for yourself, you can now hide all of the additional management options to clean up your account. This way, you can focus specifically on the features that benefit you! If you need to manage training for multiple people, you can enable all views to manage users, groups, courses, and access codes.

Not sure which view is right for you? Our customer service team is happy to talk through both views with you. Best of all, if your training needs change, you can always switch your account view from the ‘Settings’ page.

This is the first of several recent updates to our online learning platform. We’ve made changes to optimize your training and management experience, and will be rolling out a series of tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your Worksite Safety training. Check back every week for a new #FeatureFriday!