To further their goal of improving quality of life by giving people the skills to make safe choices, prevent injuries, and respond in emergency situations, the Canadian Red Cross has released blended learning versions of their Standard First Aid (SFA), Emergency First Aid (EFA), and CPR/AED courses to meet the need of people in workplaces, schools, and community settings for flexibility in completing first aid training. The knowledge and skill objectives for the blended courses remain the same as the traditional in-class courses.

Certification Requirements

Each blended learning course consists of a self-paced online eLearning component and an instructor-led classroom component. The eLearning component presents a detailed tutorial of the course content and includes knowledge evaluations at the end of each module. The instructor-led classroom component focuses on skills practice and evaluation, and the opportunity for participants to engage with the instructor and other participants to understand the application of the course content to everyday life. Participants must complete the online component first, and then the in-class component within six weeks afterward (four weeks if you live in Ontario) to achieve certification.

Benefits of the Blended Format

Benefits of the blended format are:

  • The instructor does very little lecture. Instead, the instructor’s role is to answer questions, guide and evaluate the participants’ decision-making abilities and skills performance, and give positive and corrective feedback.
  • A significant amount of the classroom time is dedicated to participants practicing and demonstrating the required skills.
  • Without the need to cover the knowledge elements of the course in detail, bridging activities can link the information the participants received online to the skills they practice in the classroom.

Getting Started

Purchase access to the online component from Worksite Safety Compliance Centre to receive the training manual for the course you want to take. When you have completed the online component, register for an upcoming in-class session by Worksite Safety Compliance Centre to complete your certification within the required timeframe.